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 View Image #130N-04649Carbon Monoxide Binding to Hemoglobin#130N-04649 
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Carbon Monoxide Binding to Hemoglobin on a red blood cell (RBC) during respiration or breathing. May be customized by editing...

 View Image #156-142Cardiac Arrest Treatment within the "Golden Hour"#156-142 
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Collage of imges emphasizing expedient treatment of sudden cardiac arrest patients within the "golden hour". To vie...

 View Image #111-157Cardiac Arrythmia (Torsades de Pointes)#111-157 
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Illustration shows a normal heart with an ECG strip wrapped around it. The strip shows an abnormal ECG (EKG), in this case, T...

 View Image #130-00237Cardiac Catheterization#130-00237 
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Classic Cardiac Catheterization. May be customized by editing labels, or by combining artwork with graphics from our 15,000 i...

 View Image #156-139Cardiac Catheterization#156-139 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Glass figure with catheterization through the femoral artery. Catheter tip can be altered. To view similar images and animati...

 View Image #101-060Cardiac Catheterization#101-060 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Catheter leading to pulmonary artery and view of coronary vessels. Available with or without full heart.

 View Image #156-009Cardiac Emergency#156-009 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Fatty heart floating against a background of dark cells. Spheres with speed lines flying towards heart. Also available withou...

 View Image #145-009Cardiac Management#145-009 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Cardiac Management. Symbolic representation of physician's hands in cardiac care management. Cardiac diseases imprinted on ba...

 View Image #192-008Cardiac Muscle Photomic#192-008 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
A photograph of a field of sunflowers with a montage overlay.

 View Image #182-156Cardiac Oblation Catheter#182-156 
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Heart insection revealing four chambers. Ablation catheter within right atrium via superior vena cava.

 View Image #101-077Cardiac Output - Inadequate#101-077 
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When the left ventricle fails to maintain adequate cardiac output, the sympathetic nervous system compensates by increasing h...

 View Image #182-160Cardiac Problems#182-160 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Heart with myocardial infarction, coronary artery disease, pulmonary embolism, and aortic dissection. All can be cardiovascul...

 View Image #294-033Cardiac Resychonization Therapy Device (CRT)#294-033 
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This illustration depicts the placement of cardiac resynchronization therapy device (CRT device) that is used to treat heart ...

 View Image #101-087Cardiac Tamponade - Cardiocentisis#101-087 
 | Related Images | More by this Artist
Cardiac Tamponade. Accumulation of blood in the pericardium from either a rupture of the heart or from a penetrating wound. S...

 View Image #118-018Cardiac Ultrasound: Heart#118-018 
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Ultrasound of the heart, showing the ultrasound device, the atria, ventricle, septum and heart walls, aorta, superior vena ca...
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