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Chest Muscles - Anterior Female

Chest Muscles - Anterior Female


Chest Muscles - Anterior Female
Image Number: 207-018
Media Used: Digital and reflective color
Formats Available: 
Title: Chest Muscles - Anterior Female
Customization: Available
Image Description:  Illustrates the anterior chest muscles of a female

© Charles Boyter
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Chest Muscles - Anterior Female

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Illustrates the anterior chest muscles of a female

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Muscles (muscular system) female, anterior view. Labels available.

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Four color illustration showing a female exercising her abdomen (rectus abdominis and transversus abdominis muscles), chest (pectoralis muscles) and shoulders (deltoid muscles).

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View of male torso showing chest muscles and upper torso muscles: pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, serratus anterior and latissimus dorsi connecting to ribs, clavicle, sternum and humerus. Posterior muscles shown on right side include rhomboids, and trapezius connecting to scapula, base of scull and spine.

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Thorax or chest view of muscles and bones with the pectoralis major, minor and internal and external Intercostals. Also shown is clavicle, scapula and ribs.

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